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Fine Arts Building of Chicago - Carriage Hall

The Fine Arts Building (FAB), a Chicago historic landmark, is located at 410 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL. Chicago’s artist haven since 1898, the Fine Arts Building is a home for art in all forms, including painters, musicians, sculptors, yoga studios, puppeteers, therapists, coaches, craftspeople and more. The building is also home to two performance spaces, the recently renovated Studebaker Theater and the future Carriage Hall, a new multidisciplinary theatrical event space.  

Forge is serving as Owner's Representative for the Carriage Hall project, which will be constructed within the shell of a former theatrical space, most recently known as the Playhouse Theater. The project envisions a gut renovation of the existing space, with the reconstruction anticipated to include replacement of primary structural, mechanical, and electrical elements. The scope of work will include demolition of existing finishes, balcony structure, and a portion of the existing stage. New construction will include a full architectural buildout of the main theater along with a mezzanine level that includes a tech booth and may also include rear and side seating galleries. Construction will also include theatrical rigging and lighting systems, robust audio-visual and technological infrastructure, and a reconfigurable floor system

The project is currently in the conceptual design phase and is expected to open in late 2024.


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