About Us

Forge Projects LLC is a boutique, full service project management, construction management, and consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois.  We provide services to clients who value the expertise of a trusted advisor to guide them through the complexities and challenges of the planning, design, and construction of their building projects.  We offer our clients sound advice based on lessons learned from delivering projects of varied building types, and in multiple sectors and markets.  We will work with you to make sure that your project goals are in harmony with your budgetary and schedule constraints without compromising the quality of your built environment. 


We encourage Owners, design teams, and contractors to integrate sustainability into their design and construction processes and to be considerate of the environmental and ecological impact of their projects.  As we move further into the 21st century and observe the effects of human behavior on our climate and environment, we recognize our industry's responsibility to future generations to radically change the way we conceive projects to focus on net-zero and net-positive energy solutions.


Eric Eichler founded Forge in 2017 to leverage his diverse and extensive experience in the roles of Project Manager, Contractor, and Owner's Representative to assist clients in maximizing the value of investments in their built environments.  Eric has twenty-three years total experience working as a contractor, consultant, owner's representative, and project manager in both the United States and European markets.  He has worked with private sector companies, developers, and nonprofit organizations, both private and public and is known as a skilled collaborator who excels at synthesizing input from multiple stakeholders to deliver quality projects within challenging  budget and schedule constraints.


Immediately prior to founding Forge, Eric spent nearly a decade as Senior Project Manager at The University of Chicago, participating heavily in the  execution of the University's ambitious master plan that delivered over $2 Billion in state of the art new facilities.  Eric personally led two signature capital projects, the Logan Center for the Arts and the Campus North Residential Commons, transforming nine acres of the campus in the process.  Eric worked with the University administration, project stakeholders, and the design and construction teams to deliver successful, award-winning projects within budget and schedule constraints.  


Eric uses the lessons learned as the steward of an institution's resources to assist an array of clients in delivering projects with an emphasis on quality and long-term operational success.  Eric has experienced the full life-cycle of multiple projects, learning important lessons from observing a finished project transition to operations and assisting in troubleshooting issues after several years. This provides Eric a valuable perspective and helps to ensure that clients, designers, and contractors are attentive to both the immediate and long-term implications of every issue.

Eric Eichler, Principal and Founder



Philosophy & Approach

We believe in spending ample time understanding project goals while planning for a building project before proceeding in earnest with its design and construction. We excel at modeling project budgets based on limited information to ensure that goals and funding sources are aligned before significant funds are spent on architecture, engineering, and construction.  This allows our clients to make decisions confidently during the planning or programming phase of a project, leading to proper budgetary discipline throughout the project without sacrificing important priorities or future operational needs.


We strive to avoid an assembly-line approach to design and construction projects.  All projects, no matter how simple they may seem, are unique.  The people involved in a project determine how successful the outcome will be. Building a quality product within a strict budget and schedule is challenging, and demands collaboration rather than "business as usual" strategies from the Owner's team as well as the design and construction teams.  We foster collaboration and transparency to promote successful results for all project stakeholders.

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